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Tears won't stop. I'm yearning to see you

Just like that day of spring light

Hey, i can't bring myself to say goodbye

I have to live on with your absence

Letting go of my hand saying "Quick, let's go!"

and start running off with high-sprit left me confused

Always catching up and chasing your back-view

Without even knowing your tears that were hidden

"I was happy"

That voice disappeared in a gust of the wind

I'm calling out to your name

Looking back with that smiling face

It was so saddening but beautiful.

In this spring season

Tears won't stop. I will always be close to you

I'm left with the bits of your gentle warmth in my hands

Hey, you're not here with me anymore

Knowing that I am still calling out to your name again and again

To recollect the memories, If only i could hold your hand once more

your voice has always been shaking in pain

unable to put them into words all of it

You live within me from now onwards

"Why that default face?"

I wonder if you would ask me that with angy

Every time i get hurt, i'm bound to be discouraged

But "from now onwards" i have to live on with my life

When things troubled me

no matter how many times those things make me feel frustrated and unable to accomplish, i will eventually have to overcome it.

This town have changed a lot since then

Walking alone on this road that we used to walk together, looking up at the sky

In this spring season

I can't help my tears when i think of you always smiling at me

Aren't you cunning?

Hey, I grew stronger from that day

I wonder if its legit, The wind smiled. Goodbye

I will never forget your love

Tears won't stop flowing, I'll not be able to see you anymore

The days we spent together has become a distant light

But still, I have to go

Even though you're nowhere, I'll continue to gaze at tomorrow

Tears won't stop flowing, I will love you forever

No matter how many spring comes by it will always reminds me of the memories we shared

Hey, i already said my goodbye.

I've to live on with your absence

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Romaji: Last Scene

Translation: PiPop


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