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That day when you left, my time stopped I've been standing in the same place watching life goes by

Even your kindness of words, I thought that it's always there to protect me

I'm reading the letter I got from you Seeing the photos when we're smiling together

I finally understand it, but it's too late to realize

That you'll never come back to this place

But I always want to stay close with you

I still love you, I want to see you

Just I always search for shadow

If only you can stay by my side

Cause from the very start, I'm much much ready to be with you

I remember the days when we're young, in just a whim we could get hurt or being injured

I didn't know the meaning of sorrow we thought we'd have it all for eternity

From the nights we talked until morning, the days we got angry and quarelling

All the days I spent it with you was so beautiful

If my wish will come true, I'll convey my feelings to you

Juts I want to see you righ now

As days keep passing by, I got swept everyday

Today, the sky tinted in the colors of the setting sun

That reflected in my eyes

I was lonely looking for a shadow

I send my overflowing feelings and wors flying to you, hoping that it will reach you

I want to see you

I want to touch you one more time I want to feel your hand entwined with mine

I want everything

I love you, I love you

For many times, my heart keeps on breaking

What can I do to align my shadow with yours

Beautiful days

Ah until I can make you smile again

None vocabulary

Beautiful day


Translation: PiPop


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