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How good it would have been if this were all just a dream

Even now, I still dream of you

Like I’m going home to get something I’ve forgotten

I dust off my old, worn memories

Is that there are types of happiness that don’t come back

The last thing you taught me

The dark hidden past I never spoke of

Would be dark forever if it didn’t have you

More than I do now

I could ever be hurt

I know there’s no possible way

Even the sadness from that day,

Even the pain from that day,

I loved every bit of it,

with you by my side

In my heart, never coming out,

is the bitter smell of lemon

Can't make my way home 'til the rain lets up

Even now you remain my light

In the darkness I traced outlines of your back

I remember it's contour so clearly

Every time I encounter something that's all too overwhelming

That's the tears that won't stop overflowing

What were you doing,

what were you watching

Your face in profile, with a look I'd never seen

If you are out there somewhere now

As I

Lost in the same tears,

same loneliness

My imagine

Please won't you just erase from your memory

That I pray from the bottom of my heart

That even now, you’re my light

Since then, when I think of you

—Someone I loved

More than I ever thought—

My breath stops

Even though you were by my side

It’s almost like a lie

But I’ll never forget it

That’s the only thing I know for sure

Even the sadness of those days,

Even the pain of those days

I loved every bit of it,

with you by my side

In my heart, never coming out,

is the bitter smell of lemon

I can’t go home until the rain lets up

Like one half of a split fruit

Even now, you’re my light


now, the present time, just now, soon, immediately, (one) more


I, me, you (used toward people of equal or lower status)



mashed sweet potatoes (incl. sweetened chestnuts or beans)



not less than, ... and more, ... and upwards, beyond ... (e.g. one's means), further (e.g. nothing further to say), more than ... (e.g. cannot pay mor...







how much (long, far)



noblewoman, lady, you (referring to a woman; epistolary style)



Romaji: Lemon

Translation: PiPop


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